Fiken – a business adventure in the accounting industry

Illustrasjon av regnskapstjenesten Fiken, som er medlemsfordel hos Miniforetak

As a partner, I might be too biased when talking about Fiken, but regardless: This is a tribute to a group of people sitting in Oslo, behind a door with a tiny door sign, making the best accounting program in Norway for the smallest companies.

The Fiken team doesn’t spend time travelling to conferences and fairs. They sit, and they develop and develop and develop.

Fiken regularly gets new requests from the users for new functions and part services.

Opinion completed a survey summer of 2020 which shows that among accounting programs where the customers do the accounting themselves,

  • Fiken is the program that users are most satisfied with,
  • Fiken is the most user friendly,
  • Fiken is the accounting program that has the best customer support.

The accounting part is always the most important, but Fiken recently released the budget function. It lets you create a budget from scratch, or based on the previous accounting years. Magical and simple.

Fiken also recently released an hour registering module, which is simple and straightforward. The team behind the door in Oslo are practically doing simplifying work.

Partnered with Fiken since the beginning

To be crystal clear: Miniforetak is partnered with Fiken, and I am proud of it. We have been partnered since January 2015, only months after Fiken was registered in Brønnøysundregistrene.

I became a client as early as in 2014, in Fiken’s startup year. Initially, it was my sole proprietorship that tested the new service. Since then, both Miniforetak AS and the parent company Enkelt AS have become Fiken-users.

I can’t remember what initially triggered me, but I have always been curious about new solutions.

It is also not unnatural for Miniforetak to be partnered with Fiken. We have the same main target group: The smallest companies.

For this reason, I have had the pleasure of hosting several webinars for Fiken-customers, latest in March. The topic was a comparison of sole proprietorships and limited companies, and I set a new personal record with 728 members.

Great growth in Fiken

When I check Brønnøysundregistrene, I see that Fiken was registered in the Register of Business Enterprises (Foretaksregisteret) the 14th of March 2014. In the startup year, the company had a turnover of barely two million NOK.

In 2018 they had a turnover of 61 million NOK (!).

The accounting program has passed 30 000 customers with a good margin, likely to great despair for the established traders in the market.

We should be able to talk about disruption here; A new trader coming in, disrupting an existing market and pushing away leading companies and products.

Kind of like how Sbanken (previously Skandiabanken) came in as a pure online bank many years ago. Many people were sceptical back then.

I became an early customer in Sbanken as well. A bank which recently launched its own business bank, which I also had the pleasure of beta testing.

And to close off this digression: I am a customer in multiple banks, just like how I am a customer in multiple grocery stores.

Hour registering and integration with Sbanken’s company bank

It is the main service, the accounting and reporting to the tax authorities, which is the most important to Fiken.

Regardless of this, the company keeps adding new functions. I have mentioned the budget function.

Now you can also register your hours directly into Fiken via an addon-module. I have tested the solution, and it is simple and straightforward – just like we want it from Fiken.

Fiken has now also, as the first accounting system, partnered up with Sbankens newly established business bank, which makes it so that you, among other things, can send payments directly from the bank’s accounting service.

The accounting program has also integrated with other banks.

Are you a PLUSS-member here? A reminder that plus-members get 15% off on Fiken’s prices.

Fiken’s functions

Fiken regularly develops and adds new functions, and the best thing to do is test the solution (sponsored). Here are some examples of how the service works (a list that continually grows longer):

  • Online – and available on PC, Mac, tablet and phone.
  • You send your invoice directly via e-mail. You register the invoice, and the system bookkeeps. Fiken can send invoices via e-mail, paper (they send it physically for you), eInvoice/Vipps, EHF and SMS. The service recommends the best alternative based on what the recipient can receive.
  • NB! EHF (electronic commerce format) is required if you, for example, intend to invoice public businesses (even though some people are behind on that).
  • You can now also receive EHF-invoices, which makes it even easier to keep accounts.
  • You can create notes on customers, which appear when you create an invoice. It works as a small CRM-system (CRM=Customer Relationship Management).
  • You register payment via KID or import directly from the online bank. Import from online banks takes everything – not only payments – and matches against suppliers, recognises bank fees and so on.
  • Fall 2019, Fiken got its own budget function.
  • Hour registration is its own module in Fiken.
  • Integrated account help (helps you do everything correctly).
  • Possible to import bank statements so that you can treat each transaction individually.
  • Its own app for scanning paper bills and receipts. You can also send appendixes to your e-mail in the system.
  • It is integrated with multiple bank solutions, lastly with Sbanken’s business bank.
  • If you make sure to register your appendixes correctly, Fiken makes sure that the accounting is correct.
  • The system will remind you of anything you may forget.
  • It shows deadlines/reminders for public reports.
  • There’s a module for income.
  • Everything is integrated so that you don’t have to register the same stuff in multiple places. It’s also integrated with public services like Altinn and Brønnøysundregistrene.

Makes it simple

You probably, like me, care about having all the commotion with taxes and VAT be as simple as possible. Fiken’s connection with Altinn and hand-ins of the tax and VAT numbers is one of my favourite things about the service. In addition to this, Fiken also reminds you of deadlines coming up.

Try Fiken for free here (sponsored). This probably doesn’t make a difference for you: Still, I’m reminding you that Miniforetak is partnered with Fiken, and gets a revenue if you later decide to become a paying customer to Fiken.

Simple price model

The accounting service has a simple price model, with a monthly price of 169 NOK (excl. VAT). This applies to the main pack.

If you need add-on services, you neec to pay for each service individually.

NB! More and more accountants are also using Fiken, so there are great possibilities to combine your own accounting with support from an authorized accountant.

You get the first month for free, and you can test the service to figure out whether or not this is something for you and your company (sponsored). You can then create a test business in the program and play with the numbers just how you’d like.

Opprett konto her – og få en kortfattet sammenligning av enkeltpersonforetak og aksjeselskap.

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